Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Life

Why is it that even though I have been so busy I can't see straight, that I still have nothing to blog about. Maybe it is because I have just been doing the same things over, and over and over. Work, clean, cook, laundry, basketball practice, basketball games, more basketball and sleep. The glorious life of a mother, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
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Friday, January 2, 2009

What an Ugly Sweater!

This year instead of haveing a normal sit around and talk Christmas party our Lifeline group decided to have an ugly Christmas sweater party. We set some guidelines that we felt would make it more exciting. We drew names and you had to buy an ugly sweater for the person that you drew and you HAD to wear the sweater that was given to you. These sweaters could come from any store including thrift stores and elaboration was encouraged. Also, to up the ante a little bit, we had to go out to eat while "doning our gay apparell". We went to eat at Ono Grill in Anniston and had a blast! The peolple inside the resturant seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.
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The Holiday Festivities

Wow, so much has happened since my last blog,but I don't know how much you actually care to know about. I guess I will pick up on the 21st when we went to my Mom and Bob's house to celebrate christmas. We opened gifts and clebrated with a steak and baked potato (my favorite). Taylor got a sewing machine that she was very excited about and Tanner got a digital camera and digital picture frame thanks to KOHLS black Friday sales. Christmas Eve Jonathan's parents and grandparents came over for dinner and we did our Christmas from them. It looked like an explosion of Orange and Blue. We got stocked up on Auburn gear for the year (always a good thing). Christmas morning we woke up and got everything ready for the kids who aren't allowed to come out of their rooms until 7:00. We sat and waited for a few minutes and couldn't stand it anymore so we woke them up about 7:15. Watching my children open gifts is a different experience from when they were younger, but just as entertaining. They can read what things are so you don't have to explain everything. Each gift is carefully inspected and apreciated before moving on to the next. This was the year of the skateboard. Tanner took to his like a pro and Taylor is more "cautious". We had a big breakfast and just enjoyed being at home and visiting with our neighbors. Later that afternoon we went to visit with my grandparents for a couple of hours. My grandmother is in the late stages of alzimers and it is very difficult for her to get out of the house. She still seems to love music so my Mom took her guitar and we sang Christmas songs to her while she made her "Boo" bear dance to the music. Her favorite was always "Up on the housetop click, click, click".
The next round of festivities started on Sat. 27th with Jeremy, Jennifer and the kids coming in town. As most family get togethers there were ups and downs, but it was a great weekend. It was so good to get to spend time with my neice and nephew that I hardly ever get to see. They left on Wednesday morning and life got back to normal.
New Years Eve was somewhat tme since everyone is still recovering from illnesses. We sat around and played Guitar Hero world tour. Jonathan is completly addicted to the drums. I knew the addiction was getting serious when he stared "drumming" to the rhythm of the blinker in the car. This was a fabulous holiday for me, but I am ready for life to get back to normal.
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