Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Day With Mamaw

Most children have memories of grandparents coming to visit and spoiling them rotten. I got the opportunity to not just spend a day or two with my Mamaw, but every day as my Mom went to work. A few days ago I was asked to think about my time with her and this is what I wanted to share.

MaMaw’s days started early. She would get up and fix breakfast for Papaw (Bacon, Eggs, and Toast) before he would start his milk route. She would clean up the dishes, go around the house and check that all appliances were “Off, Off, Off” and we would head off the Food World to buy groceries. If we were lucky we would get to see Papaw while he was there on his route. Usually somewhere in the middle of shopping I would announce that I needed to go potty. She understood the urgency of the situation after the time that I told her that I couldn’t hold it and I made a puddle under the shopping cart. Since I was such a good girl she would buy me a box of animal crackers and some Freshen-up gum. We would make it home just in time to catch “The Young and the Restless” and she just might get to see me dance like Nicki. Nicki was an exotic dancer on the show and when I was about three I told Mamaw that I could dance like Nicki. When Mamaw turned around I was taking off my shirt and dancing. You never think kids are paying attention until it bites you in the butt!

Next we would eat lunch while watching “By the Way” hoping that our phone would ring to let us know that we had won the jackpot. She would tell me that if she won the money she would buy me all the bubble gum that I wanted and I would tell her that if she wasn’t rich by the time that I grew up I would buy her a big blue house. The rest of the afternoon was filled with household chores like laundry (which I would talk to her through the vent while she was in the laundry room), snapping some of Mr. Widemann’s green beans, or sitting the floor playing Barbie’s. We would watch the rest of her soaps and some of my TV shows and she would fix me a snack bowl w/ goldfish cracker, marshmallows, raisins which she called nature’s candy, cheese, potato chips, and two Tollhouse soft batch chocolate chip cookies. She would start supper so that it would be ready for Papaw when he got home and drug me all over the floor since I was hanging on her leg like a monkey. She must have had legs of steel!

If my “I’m not budging” chant worked when my mom came to pick me up and I got to spend the night, we would watch the evening show “Dallas or Knots Landing”. After the show her and Papaw would sit up and work, although I still have no idea what they were doing. All I heard was “Check, Check, Check”. When it was time for bed she would sleep with me in the brass bed. She would snore all night which was somehow comforting to me. One time she stopped snoring for a minute and woke up to me right in her face. I said “Mamaw are you dead?” and she just laughed. The next morning would start the cycle all over again. If it was Saturday we would have to get up and out early for yard sales. We always had to beat Turley so he wouldn’t get all the good stuff. I never did put a face with Turley, but it always seemed so important to beat him there. When we would return she would work for the rest of the day cleaning everything that she had bought. Some of it was for her family and some of it was to sell at the flea market.

My Mamaw passed away Saturday, February 21, 2009. She had been battling Alzheimer’s for several years. She died while surrounded by her loving family including her husband of 62 years. What love and devotion he showed to her. I am so glad to have been blessed with quality time with my Mamaw and will thank God for the rest of my life for all the “days” that I got to spend with her.

I will post some precious photos in a day or two. They are on my other computer.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

Jonathan and I have to come to conclusion that we are tired of spending money on eating out. I mean 30 to 40 dollars and what do you have to show for it. You go on a date to spend time together and spend the time stuffing your face the food is going to get up and run away. Then when you make it make home all you feel like doing is putting on your stretchy pants and lay down like a walrus basking the sun. This Valentine's Day Jonathan surprised me and took me to Sips n' Strokes. For those of you who do not know what that it, you bring your beverage of choice and an instructor helps you step by step to paint your own masterpiece. Everyone who is there paints the same painting but they all turn out so different. The atmosphere is so laid back and fun. They turn up the music and everyone is singing, drinking, eating and painting. We had a blast and cannot wait to back.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Police Chase Update

Jonathan talked to one of the officers involved in the chase this afternoon. The officer said that they were driving behind the Oxford Civic Center when the man just jumped in his car and took off. Witness say that there was another person inside the vehicle. They are unsure whether is was a woman or a young boy. They still have not found the man nor do they know what he was guilty of.
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My Crime Solving Adventure

This morning started like every other day. I got up, got ready, got the kids out the door, ate breakfast, and left for work. The way that I drive to work there is not a lot of traffic on the road. I noticed that there was a red car coming and made sure that I was over far enough since it is a narrow road. Before the car got to me it made a sharp right turn and started driving through the field and went behind some trees. I was thinking ( well actually saying out loud) to my self, "What is that idiot doing?" Then after the car got stop in a thick patch of trees two police cars came flying over the hill. I then realized that the car was being chased. I rolled down my window and tried to flag to the police to let them know where the car was, but they didn't see me or the burgundy Ford Taurus that was nestled between the trees. I pickup up my phone and called 911. For some reason when you call 911 in White Plains it puts you through to Cleburne County emergency. The woman put me through to Calhoun County and I told the woman what I had seen. Then this woman proceeded to call the Sheriff's department and then put me through to the Oxford police who were involved in the chase. Putting my CSI skill to use, I continued to drive by the field to make sure that the vehicle didn't leave. After I talked with the police officer I called Jonathan to share the exciting morning that I was having. He was a few miles behind me on the same road. He drove by and the cops had found the car and were surrounding it. The perpetrators (that is cop lingo for bad guys) had abandoned the vehicle at some point. I am still wondering what happened. I think that if you help solve a crime they should inform you of the outcome. That isn't a lot to ask for the service that I provided them!
Anyway Jonathan will see some of the officers at a service today and is going to try to find out what happened. As soon as I find something out I will be sure the inform you as I am sure that you are as anxious to find out as I am!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For every occasion since we moved into our new house I have told Jonathan that all I want is Cabinets for my laundry room. The closet maid shelf that was there was not practical. Not only could you see everything that was stacked on the shelf, but it lacked to storage space that I needed. For Christmas, Santa left a Lowe's gift card in my stocking to go towards getting my cabinets even though Santa didn't think that was an appropriate gift. I was getting closer to my dreams of an organized laundry room. When I got home from work on Thursday Jonathan had surprised me and not only went and purchased the cabinets but hung them perfectly! I was so excited that I spent the rest of the evening reorganizing all of my cabinet and cleaning the kitchen and laundry room. Jonathan's statement was "If I had known that was all I had to do, I would have do it a long time ago." The next evening was when the irony set in. I put on a load of blankets for Dixie and our new puppies and water started pouring out in the floor. We had to moved the new family into the den and use every towel we had to clean up the mess. It never crossed out mind to get our shop vac until it was over. We took the washer apart and noticed that the screw that I had found in the bottom of the washer drum had ripped a hole through the outside drum. Now I not only had the few loads of laundry that needed to be done but I also had dog blankets, almost every towel that I own and lots of socks that I found underneath the washer and dryer when we pulled them out to wash them. What was so neat and organized the day before was now a complete disaster. On Saturday we purchased a used Washing machine from the Buy Sell Bulletin for $100.00. At this point as long as the laundry gets washed. I am finally catching up on the weekend disaster.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dixie's Delivery

When I got home yesterday around 3:30 Dixie ran in the house and went straight to the laundry room. This is where she sleeps at night but doesn’t usually go in there voluntarily. She got on her blanket and started spinning in circles and digging in it. I noticed that she kept shaking. I called Jonathan to tell him that I thought Dixie was in labor. While I was on the phone Tanner came in and told me that something didn’t look right. I went and checked and it was the nose of a puppy. By 4:30 we had two puppies. Dixie did a great job of cleaning them.

After about 30 minutes she had not delivered any more puppies so I decided to leave her alone for a little while and go help Jonathan fold laundry. It wasn’t ten minutes and she started bringing the puppies to me in the den and trying to jump up in the big chair. I had to go back in the laundry room and sit with her. As long as I was there petting her and talking to her she was fine.

Around 5:00 she started having more puppies. By 5:30 she had a total of 5. These deliveries went even smoother that the first ones. She didn’t seem distracted or bothered at all by all the people and children that were watching her. By the time the 5th one was delivered the others began to nurse. This all went very smoothly which was great since this is her first litter. When the children were getting ready for bed Taylor checked on Dixie and she was having another puppy. When we went to bed at around 10:00 there were 9 puppies.

At around 2:30 this morning we woke up to the phone ringing and of course it was a wrong number. I figured I would go check on Dixie while I was up and was surprised to find 11 puppies. This morning when I woke up I went to the laundry room to clean up the blankets and the floor. I started moving Dixie and the puppies and counting to make sure that there were not any more. I was sad to find one and gotten stuck under Dixie and died. I got her all moved around and a clean blanket. When I left they all seemed to be doing just fine. What a pretty bunch of puppies!

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