Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OH My Ears

As many of you know we surprised the kids and got them tickets to go see "The Jonas Brothers". The concert was Sunday, August 16 and my ears are still ringing. There is no sound in the entire world quite like the sound of around 17,000 girls squealing for four hours. The screams began an hour before the concert when someone would text to the screen, "Scream if you think Nick is cute." They would scream so loudly that you would think that someone had spotted one of the Jo. Bros. The shrills continued for the next three hours through two opening acts and then ENTIRE time "The Jonas Brothers" sang. They really did put on a good show. I was entertained through the whole concert and was pleasantly surprised. It was worth all of the damage done to my ears just to watch my kids having the time of their lives. It took me back to the day when I went to see "New Kids on the Block". I still remember that concert like it was yesterday. Taylor is the same age I was when I went to that concert. That is what it is all about, creating memories!

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