Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Kughn Family Weekend

My brother-in-law and his wife have recently moved to Panama City, FL. Jeremy, my brother-in-law, just accepted the job of a minister at Palo Alto Church and they moved there from Orlando. A couple of weeks ago we decided to make a weekend trip to visit them and my precious nephew and niece.

They have been blessed to be able to stay in the lakehouse of one of the members of his church. It is such a lovely place. It is on a spring fed lake, which means that it is fresh water, clear water and cold water! It has it's own natural beach so we didn't have to go get in the crazyness of Panama City Beach.

Saturday morning started with Jonathan, Tanner, and Jeremy going fishing. They didn't have much luck but and a great time, and Tanner held a fish! This a situation that led us to many tears last summer as seen in the picture below.

My family always give me heck because I am not swimming, but if I was swimming look at the pictures that I wouldn't have...

I did decide to go on a canoe ride with the rest of the family. All girls in one canoe and boys in another. We got probably about 300 yards out and the boys canoe flipped. My sister-in-law, Taylor and I laughed until we were about the wet our pants. They worked and got Jeremy and Tanner back in the canoe. We picked up Conner, my nephew, and lost Taylor. She wanted to swim back with her Dad. Oh, but Jonathan could swim back. That wouldn't be stylish enough for him. Instead this is how he arrived back at the dock....

That is my husband, the man that I love. He makes me laugh more than anyone I have ever met and that is one of the reasons that I love him.
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