Friday, December 3, 2010

All About Tanner

My son, Tanner, brought home a sheet that he had filled out at the beginning of school. I thought that I would post this on my blog so that I could look back and remember on day. Of course I will save the best for last.

Just the Facts:

  • I am 10 years old and in the 4th grade
  • My teacher is Mrs. Turner
  • The members of my family are Mom, Dad, and My sister
  • Some of my friends are Jake Spivey, Jarrett Wilkinson, and Riley Dothard

A Few of My Favorite Things:

  • Subject - Science
  • Food – Bar-b-q Ribs (his spelling)
  • Sport – baseball
  • Song – Dynomite (by Tiao Cruz)
  • Movie – Harry Potter

Awesome Activity:

  • Play video games

Best Book:

  • Beastquest Mountain Cyclops

Did you know?

  • I play different sports (baseball and football)

And know for my absolute favorite part……


My Hero


My Mini Autobiography

"Once I went to Washington D.C. I went to Abraham Lincoln memorial, Ford's theatre, Washington Monument, and some museums. I ate at McDonalds, bagel shoppe. That was the greatest vacation ever."




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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turning Over a New Wreath part 1

I decided last year, after 8 years with the same grapevine and red berry wreath, that I was going to try to create a unique wreath for my front door. I wanted it to be simple but make you think "Never seen that before". Of course, I didn't reinvent the wheel, I just took an idea and expanded on it, the plan for greatness.

I made a giant "K" for "Kughn" (pronounced "coon") out of foam board and garland. I attached different glass balls that matched my indoor decor, some bells, and some tiny battery operated lights. I couldn't have been happier with the way that it turned out.

The other great part about this particular wreath is that for some reason it scared my husband , Jonathan, every time he opened the front door. Added Bonus!

But then, after about a week the top two arms of the "K" began to fold inward. I tried to brace it with rulers hoping it would strengthen it, but it was no good. So, after Christmas, I tore it apart and am left again with the question "What beauty will adorn my front door this year?"

I have decided after much deliberation to try to create a square wreath using a picture frame. I am unsure of how I am going to accomplish this feat. I will meditate in my havens (Thrift Store and Hobby Lobby) and hope that I can reach the goal of the images in my head.

Part 2 of Turning over a New Wreath tomorrow...
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