Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dixie Bell

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My beautiful Dixie Bell. She was given to us two years ago, on Mother's Day. She is as sweet as she is pretty.

Apparently the other male dogs that live within a two mile radius of our house have also noticed how beautiful she is. For the entire time that she is in heat we have a pack of dogs that live outside our home. There is a yellow lab, chocolate lab, black lab, and a golden retriever.

Her first litter of puppies was from Jackson, the golden retriever. We tried to keep her locked up the next time that she went into heat, but somehow she ended up pregnant again. She must also be a fertile as she is beautiful. This time they were from the black lab.

I was determined to keep her from getting pregnant the last time. I only let her out to use the restroom and I would stand at the door or watch through a window the whole time she was out there. Well, someone who will not be named, that lives in my house that I did not give birth to, let her out and forgot until 20 minutes later. When the unnamed remembered, it was too late. Love was already in progress with the black lab again. At least this time we were prepared for a litter of half breed puppies.

Well, last Monday I got a call from my kids when I was on my home from work that they couldn't find Dixie. I figured that she had gone off somewhere to have her puppies, which is odd because we have an invisible, underground electric fence. When I got home I walked around the house just to check and make sure that she was hiding somewhere. I walked past this hole that both of the dogs had been digging for a few months. It is right next to our septic tank and is more of a tunnel than a whole. Something caught my eye and I took a second look. All I could see was Dixie's back side.

She had gone down in the "tunnel" to have her puppies and got stuck. I ran to our neighbors house to borrow their shovel since ours disappeared and he came and helped me dig her out. It took us at least 20 minutes to get her out. She had one puppy in the "tunnel". We got her out, filled in the hole and I got her settled in the doghouse. She had her other puppy in there.

I still don't know how we only ended up with two puppies. She normally has between 9 and 11. But two is just fine with me. It will be easier to find homes for two.

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