Thursday, November 20, 2014

Forget the Ozone Layer, There is a Hole in My Ceiling

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After we (FINALLY) finished the floors we went back and forth on what project to start next.  We most of what we need to do the hall bath, so that would make sense.  Tanner still doesn't have an official bedroom, so us working on the Master bedroom would make sense too.  It was between making the house pretty or making it functional.  We decided the smart thing to do was to work on the Master bedroom and get all the rooms of the house usable before we work on making them pretty. As a woman that is a tough decision!

The plans in the master bedroom are to (1) address the water damage that we are not fully sure where it is coming from (2) peel up all of the green peel and stick tiles off the concrete floors (3) stain the concrete floors (4) repair and paint the walls after fixing the water issue. Here is a few shots of the before...

We started with step 1, address the water problem.  We initially thought that we had fixed the main issue when we remodeled Taylor's bathroom.  The supply line to her toilet was leaking pretty bad, so when the water was turned on it was soaking through the floor.  It took a few days to find it because there was carpet in the bathroom.  YUCK!  We replaced both the supply line and the toilet and did not have any more issues with it leaking.

In the months that followed I began to notice that the spot on the ceiling from the water damage was getting darker and darker.  You expect this for a short period of time while the water is drying up, but it was getting bigger and darker.  Jonathan decided to knock a small hole in the ceiling to see if he could spot the issue.

When he poked the sheet rock it was very clear that this was not a tiny leak.  He knocked a sizable hole and could see that this would not be a weekend project.  He put a fan in the hole to help dry out the standing water, that would allow us to better see where the water was coming from.

The good news is that we cut along the bottom of the back wall, where there was some mold, to see how much damage had been done to the studs.  They looked great! This means that we will not have to rebuild the wall like we thought we would.

We let the hole sit for a few days (aka weeks) to find where the leak was coming from.  With this sitting open we saw, from the puddle in the floor, that it was a good bit of water leaking.  I am so glad we found this before we moved in the bedroom.  Nothing says "Good Morning" like a pile of ceiling in the middle of your bed!

It turns out that the drain in the hall bath (Tanner's) was cracked.  We let it dry out for a day or two and then Jonathan put some type of sealant on it.  We are going to turn it on today and see if it is still leaking.  If the patch doesn't work, we may have to change our plans and go ahead with the renovations on the hall bath.  We will see!

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