Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Glimpses

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I often say that God gives you little glimpses that you are doing a good job as a parent. I'm my 10 years of parenting I have had a few of these glimpses and I got another one yesterday.

Unbeknown to me my children's school was having a book fair this week. On Wednesday my son comes home with a tornado in a bottle. He was so excited to show me how it works. I asked him where he got it and he said that he had bought it at the book fair. Of course my next question was where did you get the money to buy it. He told me that he had taken his own money and had bought a book and the tornado. This was a delight in itself. He didn't come to me asking for money, he was acting mature and decided to use his own. I didn't really think anything about it until yesterday.

One of our neighbors was over visiting our puppies and was telling us that she had been working at the book fair. She was telling us how impressed with Tanner she was. She said that there was this little boy at the book fair that was really wanting this book. He had been stand there for 20 minutes starting at it I guess hoping that the price would magically drop. Tanner came up and paid for his things and found out that the boy needed a dollar to buy his book that he really wanted. So Tanner gave him a dollar. Not a dollar that he had taken from me or his dad, but his own dollar.

Tanner later told us that he gave away the book that he bought to another kids. I am so glad that he is such a giving child. And I am always thank for the little glimpses!

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