Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

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This Mother's Day was a different experience for me this year. My children are getting older and starting to do things for themselves. Of course their father had helped get them a card, but he had to work so the kids were left to be in charge of the day. While I was taking my bath the kids decided that they would fix me breakfast. Taylor made her toast, which Tanner says is the best toast in the world, and Tanner cooked me scrambled eggs. The best part was when I got up from the table and they cleaned up the mess! After breakfast we got dressed and went to my mothers house.

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about my grandmother that passed away. She was my mother's mother. I wanted to be with my mother more that ever this year, being her first Mother's Day since the passing of her mother. She had picked some beautiful flowers from her yard and wanted me to make an arrangement for her grave. My grandmother loved to look out of the large sliding glass doors in her den and admire all of the beautiful flowers that my granddad had planted especially the bright pink Mandavillia. My mom and I packed up the kids and the flowers and drove over to Gadsden. We had a wonderful lunch at Struts (great hot wings!) and went to see my uncle who is recovering from shoulder surgery while waiting for the rain to stop. As soon as the rain let up we went to the cemetery and got to work.

I started arranging the flowers and Mama started cleaning, which would have made my MaMaw so proud. Since it has still so wet we let the kids sit in the van until we finished. After we felt that everything was in tip top shape we all sat back for just a moment, a somber moment. When we were walking away I noticed that Tanner, my almost 9 yr. old son, paused for a second and then caught up with me. I turned back to take a last look and noticed that he had taken the penny out of his pocket and laid it on her foot stone. You can't really tell from this photo but he is a little bit of a perfectionist. The penny is laying perfectly in the center of the stone and it even lined up perfectly. It touched my heart that he had to make his own contribution. He didn't have much but it didn't matter. MaMaw would have been touched by this precious gift. She loved her great grand babies very much!

To end the day I returned home to a husband that was cooking me some ribs!!!! It was a
great day spent with family the way that it should be!

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