Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th Part 2

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Today we started painting bedrooms and the hallway. I keep posting pictures of the kids working so here is proof the I was getting in on the action. 

I really like the two separate mirrors, It has a slimming effect, which is a miricle. 

We were able to get Taylor's walls painted. Everyone worked a paintbrush at some point which helped out a lot! 
Here is what the walls looked like before. I will post an after pic when we get the trim painted. 

After we finished painting her room and got through most of the hallway, we ride into town and exchanged the way oversized microwave and picked up a few new things.  

I was able to find the shower faucet set that I had been looking for!  We were able to mix match two sets from the same collection to make exactly what we needed to make both upstairs faucets match. It's the little thigs that make me feel better. The kids found other ways to entertain themselves. 

Since we were having some friends over tonight we thought we would get a toilet installed. Our plan didn't work out because the supply lines the we got didn't fit, so I guess it's one more day with the porta potty. 

Tonight we have enjoyed a well deserved break with some good friends and some fireworks. 

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