Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New House for the Kughn's

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For the last 6 years we have lived in a nice little house in a subdivision that is in a community called White Plains, that is part of Anniston, AL. This community is very rural, and by that I mean that we do not even have a red light. We have recently been upgraded to a blinking light and one intersection after several accidents. We are verging on progressive! Ha! 

We recently decided that it was time to move a little further in the country with some acreage. We fell in love with this fixer upper than came with 10 acres 

And also came with this beautiful view 

It was a long process full of delays, but as of Monday, June 30th, the house is ours!

I said earlier that this home was a fixer upper, bought in as-is condition. The past couple of days have been spent trying to make sure that all of the electrical and plumbing are fully functional. We knew that there was a septic problem but unsure of the severity. They diagnosed it as a broken header pipe and have repaired that problem. But of course it could not be that simple!  They believe that there are some problems with the water lines that feed water to the house and detached garage/apartment. We will know more on that tomorrow. 

We also worked today on pulling up some of the carpet that will later be replaced. 

Those are my wonderful, amazing children who have been so much help during this move. In our home it is all hands on deck all the time. You will be seeing many pictures of them throughout this remodel for sure!  What can I say, I'm a slave driver.  They also worked on pulling up nail strips and staples from the sub flooring. 

Where will we live during the remodel you   ask???  We have a friend that has let us borrow his camper and we have it set up to sleep in until we can get the bedrooms ready to go. We have also rented a porta potty which looks great sitting at the end if the driveway!

The plan for tomorrow is to finish pulling up the carpet and begin prep for painting the walls in the kids bedrooms. 

As I write his post I am sitting on my back porch, listening to 1000 crickets, watching 1000 lightening bugs, listening to Jonathan play guitar, and thinking about how much I am going to enjoy the country life!

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