Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Crime Solving Adventure

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This morning started like every other day. I got up, got ready, got the kids out the door, ate breakfast, and left for work. The way that I drive to work there is not a lot of traffic on the road. I noticed that there was a red car coming and made sure that I was over far enough since it is a narrow road. Before the car got to me it made a sharp right turn and started driving through the field and went behind some trees. I was thinking ( well actually saying out loud) to my self, "What is that idiot doing?" Then after the car got stop in a thick patch of trees two police cars came flying over the hill. I then realized that the car was being chased. I rolled down my window and tried to flag to the police to let them know where the car was, but they didn't see me or the burgundy Ford Taurus that was nestled between the trees. I pickup up my phone and called 911. For some reason when you call 911 in White Plains it puts you through to Cleburne County emergency. The woman put me through to Calhoun County and I told the woman what I had seen. Then this woman proceeded to call the Sheriff's department and then put me through to the Oxford police who were involved in the chase. Putting my CSI skill to use, I continued to drive by the field to make sure that the vehicle didn't leave. After I talked with the police officer I called Jonathan to share the exciting morning that I was having. He was a few miles behind me on the same road. He drove by and the cops had found the car and were surrounding it. The perpetrators (that is cop lingo for bad guys) had abandoned the vehicle at some point. I am still wondering what happened. I think that if you help solve a crime they should inform you of the outcome. That isn't a lot to ask for the service that I provided them!
Anyway Jonathan will see some of the officers at a service today and is going to try to find out what happened. As soon as I find something out I will be sure the inform you as I am sure that you are as anxious to find out as I am!

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