Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dixie's Delivery

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When I got home yesterday around 3:30 Dixie ran in the house and went straight to the laundry room. This is where she sleeps at night but doesn’t usually go in there voluntarily. She got on her blanket and started spinning in circles and digging in it. I noticed that she kept shaking. I called Jonathan to tell him that I thought Dixie was in labor. While I was on the phone Tanner came in and told me that something didn’t look right. I went and checked and it was the nose of a puppy. By 4:30 we had two puppies. Dixie did a great job of cleaning them.

After about 30 minutes she had not delivered any more puppies so I decided to leave her alone for a little while and go help Jonathan fold laundry. It wasn’t ten minutes and she started bringing the puppies to me in the den and trying to jump up in the big chair. I had to go back in the laundry room and sit with her. As long as I was there petting her and talking to her she was fine.

Around 5:00 she started having more puppies. By 5:30 she had a total of 5. These deliveries went even smoother that the first ones. She didn’t seem distracted or bothered at all by all the people and children that were watching her. By the time the 5th one was delivered the others began to nurse. This all went very smoothly which was great since this is her first litter. When the children were getting ready for bed Taylor checked on Dixie and she was having another puppy. When we went to bed at around 10:00 there were 9 puppies.

At around 2:30 this morning we woke up to the phone ringing and of course it was a wrong number. I figured I would go check on Dixie while I was up and was surprised to find 11 puppies. This morning when I woke up I went to the laundry room to clean up the blankets and the floor. I started moving Dixie and the puppies and counting to make sure that there were not any more. I was sad to find one and gotten stuck under Dixie and died. I got her all moved around and a clean blanket. When I left they all seemed to be doing just fine. What a pretty bunch of puppies!

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