Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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For every occasion since we moved into our new house I have told Jonathan that all I want is Cabinets for my laundry room. The closet maid shelf that was there was not practical. Not only could you see everything that was stacked on the shelf, but it lacked to storage space that I needed. For Christmas, Santa left a Lowe's gift card in my stocking to go towards getting my cabinets even though Santa didn't think that was an appropriate gift. I was getting closer to my dreams of an organized laundry room. When I got home from work on Thursday Jonathan had surprised me and not only went and purchased the cabinets but hung them perfectly! I was so excited that I spent the rest of the evening reorganizing all of my cabinet and cleaning the kitchen and laundry room. Jonathan's statement was "If I had known that was all I had to do, I would have do it a long time ago." The next evening was when the irony set in. I put on a load of blankets for Dixie and our new puppies and water started pouring out in the floor. We had to moved the new family into the den and use every towel we had to clean up the mess. It never crossed out mind to get our shop vac until it was over. We took the washer apart and noticed that the screw that I had found in the bottom of the washer drum had ripped a hole through the outside drum. Now I not only had the few loads of laundry that needed to be done but I also had dog blankets, almost every towel that I own and lots of socks that I found underneath the washer and dryer when we pulled them out to wash them. What was so neat and organized the day before was now a complete disaster. On Saturday we purchased a used Washing machine from the Buy Sell Bulletin for $100.00. At this point as long as the laundry gets washed. I am finally catching up on the weekend disaster.

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