Monday, October 13, 2008

For better or for worse

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Saturday was a day filled with excitement and wonder. The smells of grass, crisp air and BBQ filled the air. As I sat in Auburn University right behind Stanford Hall, I watched thousands of people passing by in all shades of orange and blue. Children were running by with painted faces and ribbons and streamers hanging from thier hair. Footballs were flying through the air, loft by people of all sizes from small children whoses dads were teaching them the "art" to older men who feel missed their chance to be the Heismann Trophy winner. We walked around and went into different bookstores filled with excited consumers digging for just the right token to take home with them. The streets were filled with automobiles with window painted and flags flying high. We even saw a few automobiles that were painted orange and blue with tails and flags and anthems playing loudly over the speakers. As we entered the stadium you could sense the anticipation in the air. "War Eagle" cries were bellowing form all directions. As we climbed to what felt like the top of Everest, we sat and watched as the show began to take shape. The band entered, the eagle flew, the smoke came out of the tunnel, and the football was kicked off with a booming "Wwwaaarrrrrr Eagle, hey". We were not dissappointed in the first few minutes with a returned kick for the first touchdown. We sat in amazement at the array of people, men and women, boys and girls, young and old, drunk and sober! At the half we were still leading even though we only had 77 total offensive yards. But in true Auburn fashion, the second half took a turn for the worse. We couldn't do anything right. The stadium that was once filled with "Bodda getta, bodda getta" now was filled with boos, mostly directed at Chris Todd. As we came to the realization that we were not going to win this game, our attention turned to looting! We stayed behind gather left cups, fans, ponchos, popcorn tubs, and shakers. By the end we had a large orang trash bag full of goodies! We had to leave that stadium knowing that we were not the Auburn team that we had been in the past, but our heads were high because we now have enough cups to last us until we come next year and hopefully get to roll Toomers Corner. And all in all I rather be a Tiger at its worst than an Alabama fan at its best!


  1. Preach on sister...Be Proud...War Eagle!!

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  3. Love the picture guys! I am also very jealous, I STILL have not actually gone to see an Auburn game in Auburn.



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