Friday, October 10, 2008


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Women, do you ever have those days that you start fixing your hair as usual and suddenly you hate it. I don't mean that you just don't like it I mean hate with the intensity of wanting to just shave it and start all over. These days are dangerous and usually cause you to do something drastic. This day for me was yesterday. I was getting ready to go to the dreaded fall festival. I haven't been able to go to the school yet this year and really wanted to look descent. I was having a hard time striking that balance of "She looks like she has it all together" and "Wow, a little overkill to be working in a concession stand." I was working on my hair and decided that I needed some bangs or something small just to get me by until I could get a hair cut. Surely a few bangs couldn't be that difficult. Well, I had been wearing my hair pulled back in a ponytail all day, so when I cut the bangs they stuck straight out! I tried wetting them, straighening them, curling them, and finally just tucked them under the rest of my hair. Running late now I gave up on what I was wearing and just threw on some clothes, threw on my "good" tennis shoes, and off it went. Needless to say I called my hairdresser as soon as I got in the car and got my hair cut at 6:15 last night. Now today I experienced a whole new frustration, trying t make my hair look like Angela made it look!

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