Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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I promise that your trip to this blog will not disappoint. There is always excitement in the Kughn family. We are known for our strange experiences and unbelievable stories. Last night was no exception. The children and I were working on some Halloween crafts and I was cooking dinner when Jonathan got home from work. I decide to venture out and try a new dish, Sesame chicken with brown rice pilaf and stir-fry. The rice was still kind-of crunchy so I thought that I would cover it with plastic wrap and pot it in the microwave to try to steam it. I took it out of the microwave and let it sit for a minute. When I pulled back the wrap steam poured out and burned my fingers on my right hand. I immediately put some cream on it, finished supper and we all sat down and ate. The chicken was good, but the dang rice was still crunchy. After we ate, Jonathan took the kids on a bike ride, an off road bike ride. There is a steep hill that he and Tanner had ridden down before and he couldn't wait to take Taylor, our thrill seeker. Jonathan came back a few minutes later with the welcome of "Get the peroxide". She had an accident going down a steep embankment and got all tangled up in her bike. Taylor walked in with scrapes on her forehead, nose, elbows, and a huge skinned knee. So much of the skin was gone that Taylor said that it looked like raw steak. Needless to say there were many screams when the peroxide did make an appearance. My favorite statement came from Tanner, of course. He said "Taylor, I'm sorry that you got hurt, but that was awesome!" The silver lining, she already had an appointment to get a haircut today to get some bangs, so the scrape on her forehead will be covered up.

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