Monday, October 20, 2008

We're rich

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Amanda has been trying to get me to blog but haven't felt it until this week, so here I go. This past week started out like most other weeks, hating working and looking forward to being with our friends. Amanda told me that we had been invited to Troy and Amber's house to hang out with them and feeling the spirit of the fall brisk air, I suggested a bonfire and hotdog roast for the kids. Done!!! I was so excited, looking forward to that night was the highlight of the week but woke up Friday morning feeling depressed due to the rainy conditions. I had high hopes that the rain would stop, but at 3:30 it was still going strong. My day was crushed. I know it sounds stupid, but the things I look forward to the most are being outside and sitting around a campfire with my kids and friends. Now the fear of cancellations started to become a bigger reality. Who would want to go now. At 5:30 we started on our way to pick up the kids from my mom-in-laws (who is awesome) and then to Troy's house for the Debbie Downer party. As we pulled up to the house, Casey and Jessica's car was there and I was surprised to see that Ryan, Jennifer and Shane's cars were there as well. They didn't cancel! As we brought in our goodies, I opened the backdoor to a group of strangely dressed people yelling surprise. I was completely confused by this point and wondered why I wasn't invited to dress up. It was several seconds later that I heard someone say "Happy Birthday". Who's birthday is it I asked? It's your's. ???????I had completely forgotten about my birthday coming up and was floored that I had friends that would put so much time and effort into these parties. I can't begin to describe the outfits that were displayed for the 80's theme night but I do have photo's. We sat around and ate for a while until a special visitor came busting through the door, Troy the Rocker sporting a AC/DC outfit complete with mullet. Instead of a cake, there were two bowls of candy. Amber did fix me an individual halloween colored cake with sour candy stuck all over. Standing there holding this cake and wearing the ridiculous outfit that my wife had bought me to wear, ( oh yes, I had to dress up too) it was a nice realization of how rich my family is with friends this great. This was absolutely one of the best birthday presents I've ever had.

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  1. Saw your blog listed on Casey Tyree's....Here is ours:

    Hope you had a good 30th! Mine isn't far away.

    Amanda, keep this posted, so I can keep up with you!

  2. Happy birthday Jonathan! I can't believe you are 30, that I am almost 30 too! It seems like yesterday we were kids. I miss you guys!



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